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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day Three

There it is, Wil reading my autograph.  No, I am not attempting to shake hands, the camera caught me mid-gesture.

I picked up some prints from Nigel Sade today, I now have all 8 available prints from his Modernday Atrocities collection (Moderday [sic]) Nigel is not only a brilliantly twisted artist, he is a bloody pirate and another super fucking cool guy.  Chatted with him for a while in the morning, and although I didn't get done what I had planned on getting done due to a late start and chatting up Nigel at his booth, radness was still achieved.
It isn't often you see a pirate and an asshole in the same picture, outside of genre porn. 

Speaking of genre, I picked up Bringer of War, by Daniel Birtolo.  A book about a secret war between shapeshifters.  Skimmed the first chapter just to get a feel for the book, seems like an enjoyable read.  

Played Easter Island a bit this weekend.  It is an extremely easy to learn game that is incredibly challenging.  Positioning Moai to redirect sunbeams and destroy the opposing statues is deliciously addictive.  Also, Trailer Park Wars. Yup, you compete to have the best (worst?) trailer park. The game uses actual photos of trailers from around the country.  The amount of redneckery and laughs in this game is immense.

Today was the costume contest, which is preceded by the costume parade.  I attempted to take photos and discovered I am a shitty photographer.  I was using a Galaxy SII, which has an 8 megapixel camera so I can't really blame the hardware. (Although, my N900 had a 5mp Carl Zeiss lens and took better pictures in my opinion.)  The best of what I took follows.

Wow what a clusterfuck, check the left side, Alex Mercer from prototype

Fairly certain those are elves.

Ladies in leather, I don't know what they are.

No clue. The box face cracks me up and the doll face creeps me out.


My camera had a hard time not focusing on the orange pants.

The quality of the steam punk costumes is almost always top notch.  Ghostbusters up top, a hat, and a steam punk sniper.

Speaking of notch.

That is Cardhalla, an awesome way to raise money for charity.  People spend all weekend building intricate card houses and sculptures out of old trading and collectible card games.  At the end people wing coins at Cardhalla trying to knock it all down.  It is actually quite fun.

I heard he was thinking of getting robot legs.

The Orange Box

Yes, shitbirds I know that is Solid Snake.


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