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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day Four, The Final Day

First things first, it is the final day of GenCon. It is 2 o'clock and the line to register and buy a Badge stretches down the hall around the corner, down another hall and into a large conference hall. The last events begin at 3 o'clock and the exhibition hall closest at 4. The estimates wait time is an hour and forty-five minutes. What the fuck are these people looking to do? Why are they buying day passes for 15 minutes to an hour of experience. Not to mention if they do get in before the last events start the chances of those events having open slots is definitely on the shitty end of the spectrum. To each their own I suppose.

Fantasy Flight released the House Baratheon expansions for Battles of Westeros, it adds support for epic battles with more than two prayers. That was the limiting factor or BoW, the two player limit. I will be scooping it off Amazon where it is almost 30 bucks cheaper.

Some of the sale in the exhibition hall are crazy today. One booth had buy one get three free. Not to be outdone the booth across the aisle started selling everything for a dollar.

The entire exhibition hall is a wonderfully chaotic mess of half feral needs fighting over the dessicated corpses of booth and straggling remnants of sales. It really is a wonderful display of capitalism at its finest.

I spoke with a few of the guys from Gamers: The Dorkness Rising today. If you haven't seen that movie yet it is pretty funny. They were also quite funny, and spoke about the way people of vastly different backgrounds and beliefs come together over the shared experience of gaming.

That sounded lame as Hell when I typed it but they are right. As you gave out over the halls of table filled with people playing games ranging from uno to giant games of Axis and Allies, you realize that everyone is having fun. Even the losers have a good time.

I am popping over to chat with Nigel, and will post a little more about the types of people here shortly.

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