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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Good, the Bad, and the Doctor

The Good

Firefly the game is pretty fucking rad.

You play as the pilot of a Firefly class transport ship, there are several pilots available to choose from, all drawn from the series.  Before you angry twats start complaining that everyone is Mal since they are all firefly class vessels, I challenge you to name another vessel class.  The Alliance Cruiser and Reaver ship don't count.  Ship class aside it doesn't fucking matter.  The game is basically get a crew, get a job, and keep flying.  You pilot your ship around the 'Verse completing cargo runs. ferrying passengers and generally doing crime, all while avoiding the Alliance if necessary and the Reavers for sure.  

The game is far deeper and more strategic than I originally thought, but the absolute best part of the game is that I beat Austin.  That shit doesn't happen often so this game is gold.

I also snagged two Penny Arcade card games.  Gamers vs. Evil and Rumble in R'lyeh.  Speaking of R'lyeh there does not seem to be a country code sticker available anywhere, which is a bummer because mine went to shit.  Back to the games, no pics yet because we didn't play, but they are both deck building style games with the added bonus of Penny Arcade in-jokes and characters.  Pretty fucking fun, and before you bitches start whining about "How can you know it is fun? You didn't play."  I have played, I just didn't play my copies today fuckers. 

Also that quoted sentence leads me to believe that there needs to be a new punctuation mark, a semicolon type mark that combines a question and a statement.  Maybe the top of the question mark with a comma instead of a tittle.  I think tittle is right, that is what it is called above an i or j.  Could be different, but I don't really care.

The Bad

A disturbing new trend has developed in the exhibit hall, lines to get into booths.  Not like "oh shit there are a ton of people trying to buy shit lines", but lines to actually get into the booth to see if you even want to buy anything.  The two offenders are Fantasy Flight games and Catalyst Games.  The FFG move I almost understand, they sometimes like to remind you how important and great they are, how many IPs they have.  What they need to be reminded of is that their games can be found almost anywhere, and almost always cheaper.  You know a great way to make me not buy any of your shit?  Make me stand in line to browse.
The Catalyst conundrum is harder to explain, but no less irritating.  Fortunately for me the only thing Catalyst has of interest is a Leviathans expansion.  No ships though, just more stat cards.  No great loss, but if there is no line I may pop in and pick it up.

Honorable mention for ShitShow of the Con goes to WizKids games for their new release Star Trek:  Attack Squad.  They licensed the mechanics from last years X-Wing from FFG and through a Star Trek patina on it.  It looks nice, but they also licensed the absolutely pants on head retarded pricing scheme.  Listen devs, a great IP with a huge fanbase is not a license to charge get-fucked-nerd prices.  I will be watching the net for reasonable prices in the future though.  Why?  Star Trek bitches.

The Doctor

Today I met a guy that goes by "The Doctor".  No, seriously, that is how he introduced himself.  While wearing regular clothes, not cosplay.  His exact quote was, "Nice to meet you, my friends call me the doctor."  Later I ran into him dressed as the doctor.

Nice enough guy, but well, yeah.

Super Bonus Section.

Coming right up, a dalek that commanded people to smile for the camera, the Tardis. (Time and Relative Dimension in Space you dumb bastards) and a fucking rad steampunk ghostbuster crew.

 Super Bonus

Newest addition to the Modernday Atrocities by Nigel Sade

And a few shots of my historic Firefly win over the evil Austin.

I am assuming there will be a giant picture dump tomorrow.

Also WotC has zero presence in the exhibit hall this year, only way to get their stuff is through third party vendors.

Also black on black planeswalker special edition whatthefuckevers are impossible to find, but I haven't given up yet.

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